Half Awake

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Interview with John Moore, by Steve Shoe – Top Music Blogger.
SS. (Taps mic, blows mic, falls over, gets up, adjusts camera, blows mic again.) Testing, testing… I think we’ve got audio… Hello pop people. Welcome to Music Blog. Today, I have with me a man that most of you will have never heard of, and those who have will generally wish they hadn’t. He’s had a chequered career to say the least, in fact ‘career’ may be too generous altogether – let’s just say he’s alive, although alive may be too generous a term to describe him. He was in the Black Box Recorders, Jesus and the Mary Chains, when he was young, and made a whole bargain bin of his own outpourings, and he sleeps eighteen hours a day. John Moore, who are you..and can you stop fiddling with the wires?
JM. Hello Steve, and thank you for your kind introduction…
SS. If you’re going to be sarcastic, you’ll have to go off the show. I do this because I’m a music lover, not a music fighter.
JM. Quite.
SS. Tell us about Half Awake, the 2005 classic that got absolutely nowhere, and is utterly forgotten.
JM. I made it in the countryside, in a Victorian boathouse. I think it was 2004 or 5, but I am a bit hazy on dates. It was near Reading, on the river Loddon – a fine place to work and get lost. I don’t like other people very much so to be in the middle of nowhere was paradise. I was there for much longer than I should have been. I grew a beard.
SS. What happened to it?
JM. Well, I decided to release it on my own label – actually it was decided for me, as no one would touch it with a bargepole. I used an independent distributor, who unfortunately went bust, had all their stock seized, and that was that. I sold a few hundred copies, enough to pay the bills, but I’d had enough. When I went to China recently, I looked at all the roads to see if it had become part of the surface – it hadn’t.
SS. Is it a break up album?
JM. Most of my albums are break up albums, except the new one – which is actually a love album…but could become a break up album if I don’t get my arse in gear and get it out soon.
SS. Is Half Awake dated?
JM. How could you describe a song called Friends Reunited as dated? The most sophisticated application for bringing old friends back together for one last mistake? It has a retro charm – like a large mobile phone. Tim Henman and Greg Rusedski may have finished their playing careers, but they are still international superstars – and the song’s not about them is it? It’s a metaphor for infidelity…and that never goes out of fashion. Several songs have attained more significance over the years. Creature of Habit, is about a whispering campaign against a suspected child molester, a chorus of bile leading to a crescendo of hatred. Written about the tragic, and completely innocent, Stefan Khizcho – look him up, it will break your heart, it’s still pretty relevant now. Most prescient is Little England. I can’t help thinking that Nigel Farage heard it somehow. If only ill-advised politicians still appeared in pop videos, Leather-Lips and Leather-Hips, could goose step along to it, and right off the White Cliffs of Dover. The record has a kind of magical otherness to it – at least that was the idea. The power of nature, and some rather nice sound effects. I was in a strange place at the time, and we were at war. English pastoral – church bells, old phones, and a chiming clock from the mantelpiece of a lady who lived nearby. I like to think it has a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle feel to it. Oh, and I grew a beard, but only for private purposes.
SS. You already mentioned that rat’s nest on your face. Yawn…Well thank you John Moore.
So, there you have it, Half Awake, magical masterpiece, or fit only for the Beijing Super Highway? It’s on Youtube, on the geriatric clown’s own channel, so you can decide.
SS. He’s passed away…2016 claims another victim. Good bye… did that record? No? Don’t bother then. Help me get his shoes off.
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